Meeting Room

Due to COVID restrictions, the meeting room is not currently available for public use.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is primarily available to support library programs and functions that further the goals of the library. When not being used by the library, the room is available to established Raynham community groups. Eligible use of the meeting room is restricted to non-profit organizations not associated with any political movement, activity or affiliation, or to elected officials acting in their official capacity.

Seating Capacity

The meeting room has seating for 40 people.

Applications for the use of the meeting room should be made to the Library Director as far in advance as possible.

Meeting Room Rental

Groups will be charged for the use of the facilities. The rental cost of the room is $25.00 per day. In accordance with Massachusetts General Laws (MGL C93; S40A), a $25.00 fee will be assessed for returned checks.

  • No admission charges, solicitation or money-raising activities, except those to benefit the library, are allowed.
  • Groups using the meeting room are required to fill out a Set-Up Request Form, indicating the equipment needed for the meeting. Upon request, the library provides chairs and tables and kitchen facilities. The person signing the request form must be 18 or older and is responsible for the security, safety and behavior of the group.
  • The Behavior Policy of the Raynham Public library is in effect during all meetings.
  • Meetings may not extend beyond the closing time of the library.
  • Food and drink must be consumed in the meeting room.
  • Facilities must be left in the condition found including kitchen area (if utilized).
  • Use of the meeting room does not imply endorsement, support, or co-sponsorship by the Raynham Public Library or the Town of Raynham of the activities that take place in the meeting room or of the beliefs of the group using the meeting room.
  • Groups or individuals using the meeting room may not imply that the event or program is sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the library in any advertising or publicity.
  • All uses must be open to the public except for legal governmental meetings that require an executive session.
  • The meeting room may not be used for religious services or political rallies, caucuses, or campaigns for specific partisan political issues or candidates.
  • It may be used by elected officials acting in their official capacity.
  • Groups failing to comply with any part of this policy or the established procedures will be denied future use of the meeting room.
  • The Director, through the Board of Trustees has the ability to refuse any application that does not meet the guidelines outlined in this document.
  • Signing of the rental agreement constitutes understanding and support of this policy.
  • Approved by the Library Board of Trustees: March 2003 Revised by the Library Board of Trustees: November 2008, July 2013